Drainage Related Services

Blocked drains

We have the equipment to unblock any drain, let us help get your waters flowing again.

Drain cleaning

Drains obviously get very dirty, this will build up and cause further and more expensive problems. We can help prevent this by giving your drains a good clean out.

Descaling and root removal

No, we are not a dentist…but we can descale your drains and remove roots that may be causing trouble to your pipes.

Blocked toilets

As we are on call 24/7 you can call us whenever you need for your blocked toilet.

Drain excavation

This means we will dig a trench right down to the drainage system and inspect whats wrong.

Drain CCTV inspections

We will send a wiggly camera down the drain to see what the underlying problem is.

Pre-purchase survey

This will allow you to inspect the drainage systems on the premises before you sign any legal documents for purchasing the property.

Drain lining

If your drainage system is weak, damaged or leaking, we can provide a full drain relining and drain patching service that will restore the flow and integrity of your drain pipes. This will save you money and minimise disruption compared to ground excavation and pipe replacement

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes blocked drains?

    Often, drains will become blocked because of the items either flushed down the toilet (sanitary items, dental floss, nappies), or disposed of down the sink (food, oil, grease, fat). However, drains can also become blocked because of structural damage or even ingress from tree roots. Here at FM Wessex we will be able to identify the cause of any blockages using state of the art survey equipment.

    When are CCTV surveys necessary?

    If you experience recurring drainage issues – slow flushing toilets, regular blockages etc. – then a CCTV survey should get to the root cause, allowing your contractor to resolve the problem for good. A CCTV survey can identify issues that would otherwise remain hidden, so it’s definitely useful to have a survey done if you think something is amiss.

    How long does it take to unblock a drain?

    This depends on the size and nature of the blockage. Our engineers will survey your drains before taking appropriate action, and will aim to resolve your problem within an hour – but it could take longer.