Legionella Related Services

copper silver ionisation support services

Copper Silver ionisation units can be effective in deactivating legionella bacteria and biofilms in domestic hot and cold water systems.

Cleaning and disinfection

We will clean and disinfect shower heads, hoses, water tanks and also provide down services.

Water treatment

We will treat your water to eliminate further contamination.

Risk assessments

Legionella control – sampling, flushing and monitoring programmes.

Pipework cleaning

Not only can we treat your water and other items, we will treat and clean all your pipework.

Reprocessable POU membrane filters.

Building water systems can be the source of illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease and others caused by waterborne pathogens.  Point-of-Use (POU) filters can play an important role in managing this risk, and may be a valuable part of a comprehensive water management program.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is legionella?

    Legionella is a naturally occurring bacteria wide spread in nature. When the bacteria enter water systems in the built environment, conditions can often favour and encourage significant growth and reproduction to levels which can cause bacterial pneumonia and be fatal to humans. As a result legionella is considered as a biological hazard and is listed under the COSHH Regulations. This defines the need for a suitable risk assessment to cover water systems in the work place.

    Do i need a risk assessment?

    A suitable legionella risk assessment is required to cover water systems in any commercial premise. This includes rented housing stock particularly where communal services are present.

    How often should you review the risk assessment?

    The legionella risk assessment should be updated at least every two years. However, where there are changes to the water systems or responsibility structure, the risk assessment will need to be updated. Further to this an annual review should be conducted to ensure the systems are being suitably managed.