Plumbing Related Services

Major and minor plumbing repairs

Major and minor jobs are undertaken by our skilled plumbers.

Shower installation and repairs

We can upgrade your current shower or install a new one for you, along with keeping it maintained.

Full heating installation

At FM Wessex we have the team to install a full heating system for your premises.

Replacement radiators and thermostatic valves

We can repair or upgrade your current radiators, or if you would prefer, we can install new ones.

Leak detection

Got a leak? Well, we have the equipment to find the source and to repair it for you. On call out 24/7, so you have no need to worry.

Drainage clearance

Blocked drains? Smelly drains? We can help with that! From general plumbing to power flushing and unblocking, we can help whatever your needs are.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between sewer and a storm water systems?

    Your properties sewer system is made up of all the pipes from your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Your storm water system is made up of the gutters, downpipes, pits and drains that collect and carry rainwater away from your house.

    How can i check if i have a leak?

    If you think you have a leak in your home, there’s an easy way you can check. Go out to your water meter and record the level. Make sure no one uses any water for a few hours, then go back and check the meter again (it’s easiest to do this when everyone goes to bed, then check it again first thing in the morning). If the level has changed, you probably have a leak – call us to have it taken care of right away!

    Why do my pipes rattle and make noises?

    Most likely your water lines are not properly secured, meaning there are some spots where they rub up against your floor joists. If you call us we can make sure your pipes are properly secured and install pipe hangers between your pipes and the joists to eliminate the noises.